The story starts back when I was only a kid and has now grown into a business that I love and have dreamed about for years. This story did not start with any intention of selling my products all over the world but for my love of jump rope. My name is Blake Chandler and I am a high school PE teacher from Sydney, Australia who is passionate about sports and physical activity. I always loved jumping rope and as a kid and would spend hours practicing with my cheap two dollar rope. I remembered that jumping rope was the cool thing at my school and we even had people come in and show us the basic moves. This was a long time ago and jump rope has grown and evolved with the times from new quality ropes, tricks and styles which have become better than ever.
In 2020 the COVID-19 Pandemic started to hit the globe and quickly became one of the hardest times for people around the world. Gyms closed and I found it really hard to stay motivated and active. During this time I looked for an engaging form of activity to help myself stay in shape. I remembered I still had an old jump rope locked away at the back of a draw. I got it out and before I knew it I was back jumping hard and practicing the tricks I had learnt when I was a kid. However after only two days the rope snapped and fell apart! I went online and searched for a high quality rope but sadly the only ropes I could find were cheap and didn't last. I tried a range of different brands/types of ropes but ended up liking the PVC ropes the best. Sadly, many of the PVC ropes on the market had a memory (kinks in the rope) that made it difficult to execute tricks and snapped after a few days of use. 
I decided that I wanted to make my own jump rope and started contacting manufacturers around the globe to create a rope with the right weight, adjustability, durability and importantly looked and felt sleek. After one year of design and development the ROAR INTENSITY SPEED ROPE was born! I instantly fell in love with the rope and could immediately notice the difference that the quality materials and design had on my jump rope workouts. I couldn't wait to share these ropes with everyone and so I created ROAR INTENSITY.
Our mission is to provide the best jump ropes and fitness gear. We want to build a community dedicated to enhance and improve people's fitness. ROAR INTENSITY is not just a brand but a push to promote an active lifestyle.